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آهنگ خارجی معروف Post Malone بنام Rockstar با کيفيت بالا

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اهنگ Rockstar Post Malone

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Tank God Beats
[Chorus: Post Malone]
Ayy, I’ve been fuckin’ hoes and poppin’ pillies
an, I feel just like a rockstar (star)
Ayy, ayy, all my brothers got that gas
And they always be smokin’ like a Rasta
Fuckin’ with me, call up on a Uzi
And show up, name them the shottas
When my homies pull up on your block
They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta (pow, pow, pow)
[Verse 1: Post Malone]
Ayy, ayy, switch my whip, came back in black
I’m startin’ sayin’, “Rest in peace to Bon Scott”
Ayy, close that door, we blowin’ smoke

Ayy, close that door, we blowin’ smoke
She ask me light a fire like I’m Morrison
Ayy, act a fool on stage
Prolly leave my fuckin’ show in a cop car
Ayy, shit was legendary
Threw a TV out the window of the Montage
Cocaine on the table, liquor pourin’, don’t give a damn
Dude, your girlfriend is a groupie, she just tryna get in
Sayin’, “I’m with the band”
Ayy, ayy, now she actin’ outta pocket
Tryna grab up on my pants
Hundred bitches in my trailer say they ain’t got a man
And they all brought a friend
Yeah, ayy




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